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Address : 312 W Melvin St, Bellflower, IL 61724

From Downs to the North of Bellflower:

Take 150 to Leroy. Turn left at Casey's (N. West St). Turn right on School St.(Cnty hwy 40) and continue east to the second stop sign and take a right. Once in town, take a right on Melvin and Melvin ends at Field #1. You should see Field #1 as you come into town. Field #2 is at the Grade School a block South of Field #1.

From Downs to the South of Bellflower:

Take 150 from Downs thru Leroy to Rt 136. Turn left on Rt 136 to Rt 54. Turn left on Rt 54 to State St. Turn left on State St to Melvin St. Turn left on Melvin St and Melvin ends at Field #1. Field #2 is the 1st left after the Railroad tracks and Field #1 is the second left.