Board Positions

The positions described below make up the TVSL Board. In addition to the information provided on each “job”, Board members:

  • Attend 6-7 meetings from January – September
  • Make decisions on the direction of TVSL
  • Determine ways to spend funds from registration fees
  • Generally keep the program running and fun for all participants
  • Assisting at registration


Responsible for calling meetings, setting agendas, and being the voice of TVSL in Southeast McLean County Summer League meetings. Final voice for decisions which may come to commissioners but they cannot resolve.
Commitment: 100 hours from January - September

Vice-President/Tournament Director

The Vice President assists the president as needed throughout the year. The primary responsibility of this position is helping to coordinate a tournament if one is held at Tri-Valley. Involves working with the Scheduling, Concession, and other Board members to make sure we are ready to host the tournament we received.
Commitment: 50 hours from January – September and 30 hours in June – July if we are hosting a tournament.

Commissioners – Boys, Girls, Instructional, PeeWee

Responsible for running the various “divisions” of TVSL. The Boys & Girls Commissioners are responsible for the Minor levels and up, where the Instructional Commissioner has both the Boys and Girls. All commissioners are responsible for finding head coaches, holding drafts to divide teams, passing along league information, and being a resource for coaches. Finally they deal with any complaints that come forward about coaches or players and should be available at a tournament if it is hosted by Tri-Valley and is for their “division”.
Commitment: 60 hours from January – September, heavy in March – May.

It should be noted that we hold drafts in order to ensure that no one team is stacked with good players or for best friends’ type of teams. These drafts are a way of life and will be enforced by commissioners at draft time. Rules are in place to help make sure things are fair and equitable for all who participate. Draft rules are not as strict at the PeeWee/Instructional levels.

Uniforms / Pictures

Responsible for ordering uniforms for the entire league. Consists of getting bids from a couple of vendors, having samples at registration, getting the size information for each team from the commissioners and then distributing uniforms. Also responsible for scheduling pictures to be taken in late May and getting pictures distributed back to coaches once complete.
Commitment: 40 hours January – September, heavy in April – May.


Responsible for scheduling the annual TVSL registration, getting the registration forms to each of the commissioners, and attending board meetings.
Commitment: 30 hours.


Responsible for ensuring equipment is in good shape, ordering balls and replacement equipment when necessary and getting equipment bags to coaches before practice begins.
Commitment: 40 hours January - September, heavy in February – April.


Responsible for sending out Sponsor Letters in Feb, collecting sponsor money, working with Uniforms person on sponsor requests/matching sponsors to teams. Ordering trophies for all kids and getting these to Commissioners. Order Sponsor plaques w/team photo & distribute to each sponsor w/Thank You letter.
Commitment: 50 hours February-June, heavy in February-March.

Concessions – Ellsworth, Downs

Responsible for stocking supplies and finding individuals to work on the night of games. Many options exist to get workers including having Team Parents work some nights.
Commitment: 130 hours January – September, heavy May – July.


Responsible for scheduling all games and practices for TVSL and other teams wanting to use fields in Downs and Ellsworth. Includes dealing with rescheduling rainouts and additional practices if asked for by coaches. Also deals with getting supplies for the fields and finding people to prep the fields.
Commitment: 200 hours January – September, heavy February – May.

Umpire Coordinator

Only paid position on the TVSL board at $100 per week once games begin. They are responsible for finding umpires, holding a clinic, scheduling them to be at games, and dealing with cancellations, rainouts , etc. They are also responsible for calling games due to weather or unplayable fields. They are required to be “in town” during the season and must deal with complaints about umpires.
Commitment: 200 hours May – July.


Responsible for the funds of TVSL, our budget, and paying bills as they come due.
Commitment: 40 hours, heavy in March.


Responsible for meeting minutes at each Board meeting and getting them distributed to Board members and also to the Website coordinator.
Commitment: 30 hours.